Saturday, February 16, 2013

Annie Sloan Paint Take Two

Ignore the beautiful backdrop of these photos (haha, I kid). I really don't think photos do this piece justice...I just want you to know that it was super ugly before so you won't be mad that I painted a collectible (arguably) piece of art pottery. 
The before is a piece of Roseville glazed pottery that had a $90 price tag on it. Well, it had LOTS of chips and in my not-so-professional opinion...I decided it was no longer worth $90. And so I painted it. Ole Annie surprised me good this time. I didn't sand or prime and it stuck just fine to the slick glaze of the pitcher. 
Once painted and distressed with the dark wax, I thought the lines were much more highlighted without all the distraction of the spongepaint and glazing. I was left with a cute piece of home decor that I can actually display in my home.
The color used was Versailles plus clear wax and a light coat of the dark wax. 

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