Friday, February 15, 2013

Annie Sloan Paint Take One

This project didn't start off as an Annie Sloan project, but was a spraypainting project gone bad. A couple months ago, I finally decided to get my hands on some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to see what the fuss was all about. So after lots of selling on ebay, I finally had enough saved up in my paypal account to get an assortment of colors. I watched lots of tutorials, scoured pinterest, and read all kinds of tips from the Purple Painted Lady and others too. I ordered online from Robyn Story Designs and was super pleased with the excellent customer service by phone & how fast my order arrived.

I got an assortment of the sample pots and 3 quarts, one of each wax, and one wax brush. I tried to start off with some smaller projects before tackling refinishing a vanity and a dresser.

I had this super heavy mirror that matched really great when we had red sofas. This beauty was a housewarming gift shortly after Shawn & I got married. Our home decor was super limited then and it was special since it was one of our first home items. Mirrors are cute & functional, but red & gold get old especially once you've sent your tired red couches to live with your brother at college.

I went on a spraypainting binge one weekend and sprayed it white. It turned out quite UGLY! I hung it on the wall and loathed it for a couple months.I realized the errors of my spraypainting ways and began with the Paris Gray Annie Sloan Chalk paint.
I did one coat of Paris Gray, followed by a clear wax with the wax brush, and a light coating of dark wax applied with an old t-shirt.

Ok, so here goes...I thought the paint was OK....but I wasn't in love. I am really hesitant about not loving it though, because I had a difficult time finding any negative reviews online. Everyone seemed to have a positive experience. There are alot of DIY chalk paint recipes out there, and I have tried one with a little success so I'll post more on that later.

Honestly, I think the wax is the "magic" part of the paint. Basically my white paint was primer so this wasn't a real test of the actual coverage quality of the chalk paint. I did like how quickly everything dried and I think I used about 2 ounces of paint and then a small amount of each wax.

I will be posting some more projects...big and small. I am going to give you a sneak peak of my observations though in case you are dying to try it out too!
  • I like the small sample pots for little projects, easy to open, easy to store, easy to see the color.
  • The colors that Annie Sloan offers are beautiful and elegant
  • The dark wax is an easy way to distress or soften the look of a piece.
  • The clear wax does deepen the color which can be good but may leave you with a different shade than you had intended. I would not use ASCP on any projects where you need a very specific hue.
  • Haven't decided how I feel about just using the clear wax with no distressing since the best feature of the dark wax is that it does hide any imperfections. (I am working on the dresser and vanity without distressing so I will let you know how it goes)
  • ASCP is more sensitive to the cold than traditional paint which isn't ideal for garage projects
  • The paint and wax have a very mild scent because of the low VOC which is ideal for indoor projects and pregnant folks.
  • I really enjoyed using a new technique for painting and distressing...the biggest factor that would deter me from using this paint for all projects is price. 
  • The round brush is interesting, but I prefer an old t-shirt just for easy clean up and I thought it was easier to apply the wax evenly.
  • I think that ASCP is ideal for small projects, I have mixed reviews about using it on larger pieces of furniture just because I have had success with painting and distressing using traditional latex paint that is about $20 per gallon versus $35 per quart (see below: chair painted and roughed up with a putty knife.)
Thanks for your patience with all the unedited photos and mostly from my phone, but I am doing good these days just to knock out some projects at all. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have had an Annie Sloan experience.

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