Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY Christmas Glitter Branches

After a lunch date recently, my husband was kind enough to check out all the beautiful Christmas trees in one of our local home decor stores. These are like the Macy's trees, absolutely adorably over-decorated and you would have to sell your soul to be able to afford to purchase the tree as is. Needless to say, I did leave inspired! I loved all the picks and oversized tree decor, so I was determined to create some of my own. Glitter is such a fun (and sometimes messy) way to get a lot of bang for your buck...especially for holidays!

I love branches for home decor...they are usually free, readily available, and make me feel like everything I own came from Anthropologie . I think these would be lovely for a vase or stuck in the tree or even create some smaller ones for wreathes. I plan on also glitter dipping some pinecones. These would also be fun for Halloween with black or orange glitter.

Here is what I did (with a few of my lessons learned in between):

You need: 
Branches (I used my handy fiskars pruning shears & hit the backyard for stick hunting)
                Glue (I used ModPodge (or make your own), cause it was on hand)
                Paint brush (to apply glue, spongy or bristle brush is ok)
                3 Posterboards (I had 1, but 3 would expedite the process)

Designate one posterboard for applying the glue to the branches. Use the other two solely for glitter. Lay the branch on one of the glitter posterboards and pour the glitter over it very generously. Then, move the branch to the 2nd glitter posterboard. Pour the glitter from the posterboard back into the container and repeat until your branch is thoroughly coated.

I tried using Alene's Tacky Glue Spray was a FAIL. It dried too quickly before I could apply the glitter. The overspray used up alot of glitter that ended up stuck to the posterboard.

The mod podge worked great and really made the branches super sturdy once it dried.

With one canister of glitter and one mod podge, you could make TONS of these branches! If you are put off by the price of mod podge, try making some at home from this recipe from Pinterest.

If you are put off by the mess of glitter, and like the look of shimmering branches, try some different finishes of spray paint until you get the look you are wanting.

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