Friday, September 2, 2011

Toddlers in Triathlons

Ok, He is almost 3, so he may technically be a pre-schooler, but that wouldn't have been a very catchy title.Eli had his first triathlon race and did awesome! I wasn't there to see it in person but Daddy was sweet enough to make sure mommy got photos! Eli made Shawn change his shirt before they left the house so that they could match. Call me cheesy, but having a mini-me seems like an awesome idea.
I love you, Eli. Mommy is so proud of you! I love that our family is enjoying an active lifestyle and I think this was a great way for Shawn to share one of his hobbies on a much smaller scale with Eli. From what I hear, Mabry wanted to be right in the middle of it, so I am sure both will be in it next year which might drum up some friendly, sibling competition.

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