Friday, September 2, 2011

Home Made Ice Cream Cake

My Hubby's most favorite candy is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and my son loves helping mommy in the kitchen so this was pretty cool. Not sure that I will do it again for the following reasons:

1. Our deep freezer is in the upstairs attic of our semi-detached garage and my inside freezer was too narrow to accommodate the 9 inch cake pans.
2. I was so tempted to buy everything Reeses Brand and to make it taste better than Baskin Robbins, so I spent alot of money on this cake because it has 500 ingredients.
3. It was pretty time consuming and we have a local Baskin Robbins where it would have cost less, I wouldn't have been sticky up to my elbows, and I wouldn't have a sore bum from running up and down the stairs.

All that aside though, it was a great fun time for me and Eli. He was thrilled to help with Daddy's cake. If you are brave enough to try the ice cream cake, I'll break it down for you how I did it (which is the very unprofessional, unefficient, yet tasty way).

 I baked a box cake mix in 2 nine inch round pans. Let cool and slice the hump off the top of each. I saved one hump to use as the top layer of the cake. I froze each layer between wax paper. While it was getting frozen, I let the ice cream soften (mix in candy if you like) and I lined the 9 inch pans with saran wrap. Scoop in the softened ice cream in the pans and squish out flat. Freeze until hardened. Then you are ready to layer. I did a layer of cake, layer of fudge topping (I read they do that at dairy queen) then a layer of Reeses cups, then ice cream and repeat til done. Refreeze cake until hard and then top with frosting and decorate (I used miniature Reeses). Freeze a final time to let decorations harden and then it is ready for wrapping in saran wrap and storing til ready to eat. We kept it about a week all wrapped up in the freezer. It sliced fairly easily with a knife that had been run under warm water. The hard work paid off, but this dessert is very rich! This recipe could certainly be simplified to be more budget friendly and less time consuming.

Next year, this is what Shawn is getting as his cake:

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Leslie Howard said...

Looks pretty awesome to me Mrs. McKinney! I love Reese's too! Mmm..! Awesome job!