Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 Minute Dinner & Under $10 too!

I saw a recipe ad in a magazine & in huge letters, it said "Less than $2 per serving." I remember thinking "Big Whoop, everything we cook is $2 or less per serving and way yummier than that photo." This recipe cost me about $7.50 and made 6 HEARTY servings. We didn't do side dishes, but would have been good with squash/zucchini, salad, or french bread. I like that all the ingredients for this can be kept on hand in the freezer and pantry. Another perk was that it was easy...and fast.

I like fast dinners. Fast dinners that are delicious are even better. Fast dinners that have some nutrition value are the best....and when the kids eat it and the husband likes it too, it is even better! I baked 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts (marinated in Italian dressing) last night, I chopped three for this recipe (I chopped and froze the other three). Having the meat part of a dish already cooked makes cooking nutritious meals much more realistic for our family.

Frozen Spinach ($1)
Pasta (FREE with a $0.50 coupon that was doubled)
3 chopped chicken breast (about $4)
1 Jar Alfredo ($2.50, definitely was worth it to get a better brand)

Put the spinach in a pyrex dish covered with saran wrap (no added water) and microwaved 5 minutes.
Boil Noodles. After you drain the noodles, add them back to the pot. Add chopped chicken, spinach, and Alfredo sauce. Be like me and stretch the sauce a little further by rinsing the jar with milk, half & half, or cream. Mix all together till warm and delicious. If you happen to have some fancy cheese on hand, add it on in there too (see below). We LOVE this garlic pepper on EVERYTHING. It does have a little sodium but not near as much as garlic salt (ick).
And Voila! Ok, my finished photos are never very impressive, but that is usually because I have two hungry kiddos needing my assistance by then. Trust me though that this would be a beautiful dish to make the next time you have a few guests....and you won't spend the whole night in the kitchen either.
Mabry and Eli loved this...even the spinach part. This will be one of our weekly meals, I may try fresh spinach next time, or broccoli, or zucchini....Oh the possibilities!

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