Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Fun

Eli and I decided to do a little Easter cooking project last week (It occurs to me now that I should have posted this sooner in case you wanted to give it a try, it would still be a cute spring activity...and sweet treat). These cute little birdie nests were super easy with only 3 ingredients!...oh and NO BAKE!

We melted butterscotch chips and added chow mein noodles. Stir, Stir, Stir (It's ok to get the noodle chopped up a little bit, it will help to make smaller nests)
 Then, we spooned them on to wax paper and made a little indention in the middle for the eggs (the butterscotch got a little to hard while I was shaping them, so we added another small melted blob to the center of each one to make the eggs stick). We used Reeses Pieces eggs and they were DELISH! (my fave would be the cadbury eggs with the shell though.
 It didn't take Eli long to figure out that the "eggs" were actually candy.
 Ta da! Pretty cute, eh?
 Eli was pretty proud of his handy work too!

And then we woke up (very early) on Easter Morning and made bunny chocolate chip pancakes (free handed on the hot griddle, yay mommy!)

 Eli discovered his Easter basket while Sissy was still in bed, I still haven't brave enough to let them have at those chocolate bunnies.
 We headed to the early service at church and my children were absolutely precious (yet, Mi-Ma has the church pictures on her camera). The kids had a rough start to their classed (they are a little clingy at times), but both were totally happy when we picked them up. Eli loves to show off his craft projects, and I ALWAYS think they are adorable!

Then we were off to Easter lunch at grandads. Mabry was hilarious hauling around her Easter basket. Even once it was filled to the brim, she just hoisted it over her shoulder. She declined my help, haha.
 Eli found this fake (but real-feeling frog) in one of his eggs from Mi-Ma. A week later, he is finally getting brave enough to touch it.
 Here are my baby brothers and their lady friends. They are a fun crowd and Eli loved egg-hunting with them. We made it a hunt for all ages with dollar eggs and all the kids seemed to enjoy it.
 We saw almost every grandparent on Easter, and yet this is the only photo that I got. There is Mi-Ma checking out Mabry's Easter basket loot. I hope to be better at snapping pictures of the kids with their grandparents, but sometimes it is all I can do to just catch up with the kids to take their picture in the first place.
We had a family-filled Easter and it was absolutely wonderful. We loved all the activities with the kids and them being able to be more involved this year. I was able to sit down and read the Easter story with Eli during one of Mabry's naps and it was quality Mom & Son time. I hope that next year we can involve the kids in even more activities to celebrate the Resurrection as they get older and can have a better understanding.

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